Shelley Buck
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EAST: A WOMAN ON THE ROAD TO KATHMANDU (travel memoir, 2013)

Inspired by a book purchased at Fred and Pat Cody's legendary bookstore on Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue, Shelley Buck took off alone in 1972 on a journey she hoped would take her overland to India and Nepal. EAST chronicles that journey and Shelley's emergence into adulthood as she crosses into lands she dreamed of visiting.
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FLOATING POINT (travel memoir)

Imagine running away to sea without giving up your day job! In FLOATING POINT: ENDLESSLY ROCKING OFF SILICON VALLEY, the author and her family seek to shorten a daunting commute to Silicon Valley by moving to a boat. As the new owners of the Egret learn the ropes and are transformed by their life on the water, FLOATING POINT chronicles this experiment in simplicity as it is lived out beneath the radar of nearby suburban existence.
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Santa Cruz Mountains, CA, USA
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Following her return to California after international travel, Shelley Buck became a founding editor of the feminist news syndicate Her Say, now archived at Harvard. She teaches writing in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently edits ePí—an online journal of travel narratives. Her first book, Floating Point, chronicles life aboard a boat in the San Francisco Bay. When not breakfasting with white-faced monkeys in Costa Rica, or hitchhiking through the Khyber Pass, she lives with her family in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains. You can connect to Shelley at
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Travel, Pilgrimages & Quests; Women and Memoir

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