Melissa MOJO Hunter
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Pretty Poems to Ponder
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The time is now to make a date with your soul!

Pretty Poems to Ponder is a collection of over 60 inspirational poems that skyrocket your soul toward enlightenment. Connecting with your higher self, God, Archangels and Spirit Guides has never been easier. By reading only one poem per day you can potentially tap into infinite intelligence. Learn how to ask for galactic guidance, let go of fear, connect with deceased loved ones, stop taking your life for granted and appreciate the beauty within and all around you. Pretty Poems to Ponder is indeed MOJO for your soul.

What if deceased loved ones have messages waiting for you? What if your soul is trying to speak to you but you do not hear? What if divine energies are trying their best to help you overcome life’s most difficult obstacles but they need your permission to help you? Will you finally turn off the TV, the blasting radio and distractions just for a moment to hear their plea?

Pretty Poems to Ponder is a 6x9 paperback book in the self help/spiritual growth genre containing approximately 19,363 words (183 pages). It was self published with a print date of December 2013. Normal retail price is $19.95 + S&H.
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*Coming Soon
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Los Angeles, CA, USA
Author bio
Written by Melissa Jo Hunter, also known as MOJO, the Soul Connection Specialist, who has been channeling Archangel Raphael since 2005. She is also a writer, spokesmodel and celebrity. MOJO is most known for her appearances on the Fox megahit reality TV show, Joe Millionaire, Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker and much more.
Professional Speaker Topics
Learn How to Channel in 5 Easy Steps
Master Your Mind or Be Left Behind
Surviving the Hood & Hollywood
Choosing Your Soul Over Your Salary
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"If the eyes are the pathway to the soul then my poems are the skyrockets toward enlightenment."

"Dream a waking dream my dear if ever do you dare."

"The true meaning of life is that no matter how unpleasant to the eye, living things are alive, and even though we have the power to kill, we should not."

Melissa MOJO Hunter

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