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The Flip Side of Glory
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How far would you go fo the love of the game? The Flip Side of Glory is a heartwarming true story of Jeff and Brandi Winans and their fight for Love, Acceptance and Hope. It is an amazing testimony to amazing grace, the Power of God and knowing that with faith, drive and determination, that anything is possible.
Additional Book Titles
The Stepping Stones of Life
Harness the Power of Your Passion
Location (city/state/country)
Saint Petersburg, Florida USA
Author bio
Brandi Winans is an Inspirational Speaker, LifeCoach, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner, facilitator and a strong NFL Advocate fighting for former pre-93 NFl Players disability Pensions and educating wives and familes on concussions. She is the former radio host of Parents Talk Teens Rap, D.i.S.C. Personality Profiler, and Certified Conflict Dynamis Profile-Individual and has authored multiple self-help cirriculum for teens and young adults to help them develop their natural born gifts.

She is a member if the National Speakers Association, American University of NLP, Department of Juvenile Justice Steering Committee, Circuit 6, NFL Alumni, and the National Football Players Women Association.
Professional Speaker Topics
Brandi currently is booking speaking engagements to discuss her latest book, The Flip Side of Glory.
Inspirational Speaking "Overcoming Lifes Obstacles in an Everyday World"
The "Re-Program" your life series
Harness the Power of your Passion
Custom Speaking Engagements/facilitating
"Living the American Dream"
"The Stepping Stones of Life"
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"It's through our past that we gain our future". BW(c) 2006

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