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The Other Side of The Story
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A true story about one family’s struggle within the justice system and their fight to uncover the truth in the midst of life’s changing lies that leave them in an unbearable situation that only faith can see them through.
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Daphine Priscilla Brown-Jack is a native Houstonian, a wife, a mother and a Parole Officer. She wrote this inspirational true story about how she survive the felony allegations against her husband. She will take you on a month to month journey taking about the criminal justice system and it's unfairness and how she dealt with the emotional side. She also shared how her solid faith belief allowed her to stand tall in spite of what her husband was facing. She also will encourage individual to stand for the truth. She remained strong until a unanimous "NOT GUILTY" verdict was given. Daphine is a professional speaker, a former internet radio DJ, an aspiring local actress,
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How to Stand for the Truth until the End
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"You live a lie and then you tell a lie"

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