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Wondering Around God
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Because my friend, Kiyo Soto, started her memoir at age 80, maybe I could, too. I launched "Wondering Around God" five years later. Here is how one reviewer, Elisabeth Kersten, retired Director of Calif. Senate Office of Research, describes it. "Elva Anson is a first-rate storyteller. She knows just how much detail to give the reader to get you engaged. She packs in stories from every phase of her life. She really captures life in the Central Valley. This is the story of an amazing woman who found love, a teaching career, counseling profession, as well as unshakable faith and inner peace-- in spite of living during tumultuous times World War 2 and Korean War. Her humility, humor and resilience are truly remarkable and life affirming. She ends with practical aphorisms but her narrative is not pedantic, just real and honest.
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How to Keep the Family That Prays Together from Falling Apart, The Complete Book of Home Management, How to Get Kids to Help at Home, Teddy, Becoming Soul Mates.
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Fair Oaks/California/Sacramento
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Author of six books, three of them sold close to 20,000 copies; featured on 70-80 radio talk shows, appeared on television a few times, wrote and sold magazine articles including to Reader's Digest. A speaker at schools, churches, Rotary Club and other events. Belongs to CWC, ASJA and NCPA.
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Thirty-eight speech titles under "Speaking" on my website. They are listed under ten topic titles.
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Live today as if it were your last . Live life like you are going to live forever.

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