Hugh David Minor

Author Name: Hugh David Minor
Most Recent Book Title: Profile of the Forgotten Statesman
Book Description: Every American knows the stories of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. These men were giants of American history. But history is filled with ‘forgotten’ statesmen whose stories are lost or forgotten and should to be rediscovered. Meet Hiram Bingham, Roger Sherman, William J. Donovan, Grenville M. Dodge, Jeanette Rankin, Robert Todd Lincoln, John Hanson, Thurgood Marshall, John Glenn and many others.
Additional Book Titles: The Stories of Forgotten Statesmen told through historical data.
Location (city/state/country): Omaha, Nebraska
Author bio: I have Associate degrees in civil engineering and architectural drafting and design. I’m a master mason, Scottish rite mason, a York rite mason, royal arch mason and a knights templar.