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Rock Coach: A Practical Guide for Teaching Rock Bands in Schools
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Have you ever wondered how to engage your students in music in an exciting and relevant way? Do you want to incorporate more improvisation, songwriting, and creativity into your practice? This book will guide you through the tried-and-true best practices for starting a rock band at your school from the first audition to the final concert and give you the practical skills you will need to become a successful rock coach. From the basics of playing each rock band instrument, to how rock music is traditionally learned and transmitted, to the step-by-step process of forming a classroom or extracurricular rock ensemble, this book has it all. Learning how to coach a rock band can take years of trial and error but this book helps you bypass that step and get right to being the best rock coach you can be. You don’t need to be a rock star to be a great rock coach! If you are new to teaching rock music or if you have lots of experience but are unsure as to where to go next, this book is for you.
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Prince Edward Island, Canada
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Steve Giddings (1985- ) was born in Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada and teaches K-6 music at Montague Consolidated School in Prince Edward Island. There he leads a grades 4-6 choir, 2 rock bands, a guitar club, and acts as musical director for various productions at the school. His passion for integrating rock bands into the elementary school setting led to the founding of the annual "Rock-a-palooza: PEI Schools of Rock Showcase" event in Prince Edward Island. As well, he has published articles in the Canadian Music Educator Journal, the quarterly publication of the Canadian Music Educators' Association, on the topics of creativity as well as teaching rock bands in schools.
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Teaching Rock Bands in Schools
Creativity in Music Classrooms
Beginner Guitar
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