Jeff Damulira

Jeff Damulira
Author Name: Jeff Damulira
Most Recent Book Title: CIA & Deep State’s Mayhem
Book Description: This short ebook draws upon extensive sources, an unprecedented degree of

academic scholarship and analysis of unethical and illegal practises from

Central Intelligence Agency to associated links of independent contractors.

Offering the fullest, richest, most objective account of historical events leading

to assassination of JFK in relations to Allen Dulles involvement. Interpretations

of plots against Fidel Castro of Cuba and his pivotal role in Latin America.

Discovering the roots of crime and violence in relations to the assassination of

Patrice Lumumba of Congo, JFK and civil rights leaders. Following the

accounts of 34th President’s relations to Allen Dulles and John F Kennedy.

Including the development of lethal and sophisticated microwave weapons

utilised by Soviet government, Swedish secret police and United States

Department of Defense. Along the way, the ebook follows the innocent targeted

individuals and other experimental subject’s shocking accounts of being targeted via directed energy weapons, EEG heterodyning and cloning technology.

The progressive AI development has corrupted the deep state— to the fullest

secrecy of waging relentless war against empathic, daring, courageous

and decent people such as targeted survivors. An ongoing invisible war

to assassinate, destroy and expunge ethics, morals and virtues out of