Enjoy the journey
Most Recent Book Title
The Odyssey of Clyde the Camel
Book Description
A whimsical humorous travelogue told through the eyes of a stuffed camel who accompanies his human companions on a trip through four European countries. Can be enjoyed by adults and children of all ages.
Additional Book Titles
Ordinary Heroes
The Long Journey (co-authored with Felicia McCranie)
Location (city/state/country)
Spring Hill, Florida, USA
Author bio
Sarah J. Nachin is an author, freelance writer, speaker and blogger. Her most recent book is the "The Odyssey of Clyde the Camel" She has also published two non-fiction works. "Ordinary Heroes, Anecdotes of Veterans"relates stories of men and women who served in the military during five decades of conflict – World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm. "The Long Journey," co-authored with Felicia McCranie, is an inspiring story of a woman who grew up in the Philippines, immigrated to the United States and overcame almost insurmountable obstacles. Sarah J. Nachin also writes for two weekly newspaper - The Hernando Sun in Hernando County, Florida and The Mountain Eagle in the Catskills. Sarah also works as an editor and proof reader, specializing in working with writers whose native language is not English. She is a public speaker, as well.
Professional Speaker Topics
Veterans and veteran issues; inspiring people to reach their potential (especially aspiring writers).
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"Enjoy the journey"

  • Sarah with her book "Ordinary Heroes"

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