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Over a Cup of Coffee
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The book is a collection of ideas and reflections on life, presented in an informal, friendly, light manner, like friends talking over a cup of coffee with a flavor of poetry. The goal of the book is to inspire contemplation and self-reflection for its readers.

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Why ‘not’ me? Ritual and Spiritual, The Old Man’s Syndrome or What would you put in your memory palace?

These are intimate conversations on self-reflection that are shared in Over a Cup of Coffee. A discussion that inspired a thought. And a thought that felt the need to be expressed on paper. The book takes a dive on the subject, shares the author’s personal viewpoint and each chapter ends with a poetry. Not all the questions are answered though and the author leaves us craving for more.
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Urmi is a successful professional born and raised in India in a spiritual and accomplished family. She moved to US in 2004 after marriage with Pranav Trivedi. She is the mother of baby girl Ashna. Urmi is a vocal artist and enjoys teaching singing. This is her first attempt at writing.
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Let each moment be your masterpiece

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