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Pharafaneelya Gretchen's Story II Edition
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Pharafaneelya, Gretchen's Story, Second Edition takes you into a place of several symbolic mirrors in each chapter-some mirrors are shattered, cold, and pitch-black. These mirrors and doors only accept fresh dead victims. The young victim in this Pharafaneelya story is an unlucky teenage girl whose life has been bent and broken by false mirrors of guidance and lost love. With her virtue taken and forgotten, and soul destroyed. She becomes a resident of the asylum of Pharafaneelya for, to be consumed and integrated into it due to the heinous crimes committed towards her own family. She's doomed to be turned into a Watchman ans forever serve the asylum. She's caught in a looping fragmented dream world of dreams, dreams which are forever monitored by manipulating prying eyes.
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Pharafaneelya 1st Edition/ Pharafaneelya Gretchen's Story II Edition/ Weirden's Black Book
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Jaws R.

Capturing Dangerous Minds and Dangerous Reads for all my fans with Pharafaneelya.

One of my favorite sayings is: “One Author, Many Minds”

With my frightening story scripts, I love to keep my readers on a sharpened edge as they flip through short points of suspense and horror, then mixed with a bit of thriller — like cooking up a favorite recipe, you know it will be so good. I do warn for possible paper cuts — just looking out for my fans.

Pharafaneelya is the first in the series which is a new and different style of writing where the reader becomes engulfed in the book. You will become the different characters as you read through the terrifying scripts where your dreams will never be the same. Be sure to prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster!

Quote: “Laughter through thriller is an awakening of a different feeling.”

I love to hear feedback from my readers, so please leave your comments.

Thank You!

One Love!
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

To write is to bleed thoughts, thoughts from deep within to bring fourth something original and different to the world!

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