Karen McGough Monks, MSN
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Healthcare Handbook for Senior Citizens and Their Families
Book Description
An informative, easy-to-use Healthcare Handbook designed to assist senior citizens and their families in understanding the U.S. healthcare industry, and empower them to choose appropriate services for themselves. Information about available healthcare resources is provided to help guide them through the various systems. Not only is this book intended to provide general healthcare information, but also to be used as a handy reference for those in the midst of dealing with personal healthcare issues. Reminders are found throughout the book to emphasize important points.

The book discusses:
Federal, state, and private healthcare systems.
Roles of healthcare professionals..
Information on staying healthy and safe.
Common medical conditions.
Healthcare facilities and providers.
Guidelines for selecting healthcare professionals and choosing facilities
Legal aspects of healthcare.
End-of-life care.
Patient rights and responsibilities.
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Home Health Nursing
Author bio
Karen McGough Monks is a retired nurse of 50 years. She graduated from a diploma nursing program, earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing,.and a master’s degree in nursing.
Her work experience included positions in medical centers, an extended care facility, and home care as a staff nurse, head nurse, and house supervisor. She spent 23 years as a nursing instructor in an associate degree nursing program, including 8 years as director of the program. The author was a member of the local hospital’s board of directors, an accreditation visitor for associate degree nursing programs, and a member of the National League for Nursing board of review. She also published two handbooks for home care professionals.
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Healthcare, Nursing , Home care,
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

My goal is to foster healthcare independence for seniors and their families by providing information and resources, so they can make individualized decisions regarding their health needs.

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