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The Joyous Brand: Personal Branding for Authors, Speakers and the Rest of Us
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Most children begin with an innate sense of passion for an activity, whether playing with a certain toy or climbing trees. Parents may have a hard time interrupting this obsession, even to coax the child eat or go to sleep at night.

Many have their passions thwarted as children. When it comes to unearthing your long-lost passions and defining a personal brand, the task can be challenging because your brand should be based on your passions and purpose.

I believe passion develops from our natural curiosity and as we explore, we find something that fascinates us and we pursue it. Whatever captivates, a child with a passion resists attempts to change his or her course of action to please parents and others. Activities the child loves, if not squelched, can become an impassioned career path.

Begin your journey to discover your hidden self and your unique talents in "The Joyful Brand."
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Interviewing Quick Guide: The Art and Craft
Writer a Non-Fiction Book in 4 Weeks
Write a Fiction Book in 4 Weeks
I Fell for 13 Dreamers
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Willow Spring NC USA
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I have writing in my blood! I began writing poetry before I was 10, but didn't consider publishing until in 1976 after a reading a number of people asked where they could get his book. This led to the self-publication of the paperback version of "I Fell for 13 Dreamers."

My most recent passion is to help others publish through my company, Realization Press.

I abandoned teaching English in the public schools after a decade. I took time and did odd jobs: working in restaurants, bartending, driving a cab to keep a roof over my head as I dedicated myself to writing.

Since, I has made my living as a technical and marketing writer as well as teaching business writing in corporations and through community colleges and adult writing programs. I also have a company that does marketing and social media.

I love to write about writing and branding for authors as well as write poetry and continue working on my unpublished novel.

I published a book "Interviewing Quick Guide: The Art and Craft (Writers Blocks Book 1)" in 2015 which is a guide to interviewing people in a business or company to create an article, a video, audio or other written materials.

More books in the series include "Write a Non-Fiction Book in 4 Weeks" and "Write a Fiction Book in 4 Weeks."

My new book, "The Joyful Brand" will be released in May 2018.
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Personal Branding: Your Key to Success, Self Publishing Made Easy, Working with a Publisher, Brush Up on Your Writing Skills, Discovering Your Archetype, My Self-Publishing Journey
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I believe in short emails and long relationships

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