Aefa Mulholland

Aefa Mulholland
Author Name: Aefa Mulholland
Most Recent Book Title: The Scottish Ambassador: Learning How To Be Scottish in America
Book Description: Ex-pat Scot Aefa Mulholland travels around the U.S., persuading bemused Americans to teach her how to be a better Scot. From learning how to do Scottish Country Dancing in Honolulu to attempting golf for the first time on a rattlesnake-infested desert sand golf course in a trailer park in Arizona to learning to play the bagpipes in New Orleans, she learns about what it means to be Scottish, what it means to be Scottish-American and what it means to be at home such a long way from home.
Additional Book Titles: Chicken and Hen
Website #2: Aefa Mulholland
Location (city/state/country): Toronto
Author bio: Aefa Mulholland is an award-winning travel and food writer. She has worked with national broadcasters and a plethora of publications from The Miami Herald to The Irish Times. Aefa has been published or broadcast on four continents, writing or presenting on subjects from mule racing in Montana to the hazards of bingo in Glasgow to partying with The Pixies in Dublin.

Her work has won a Northern Lights Award for Excellence in Travel Writing and an Irish Film Board award and been longlisted for Penguin RandomHouse WriteNow, the Tom Howard Essay Prize and the Oh Zoe Rising Talent Award. Other things that Aefa has won include a national poetry competition (aged 6) for a heartfelt poem about a dead deer, £3 betting on a mouse race in North Tipperary and $12 in the New York State Lottery.
Professional Speaker Topics: Travel writing, magazine editing, Scottish-America
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