Richard Epworth

Richard Epworth
Bottleneck – Our human interface with reality
Bottleneck is a book for anyone who is interested in the science behind our everyday human experience, and how we learn about the world around us. There are many diverse opinions about the process of learning. Most are anecdotal or vague, so merely frustrate those of us who hunger for the truth. Here at last is an exploration of the actual scientific evidence. It takes you on the author’s own journey of discovery, revealing insights that will change forever the way that you experience the world.
I was part of the UK research team that brought optical fibre communications to the world. While spending four decades developing ways of squeezing ever higher information rates down optical fibres, I became fascinated by the contrastingly tiny rate that we humans can actually absorb any new information. The implications seemed so incredible that I began to research just how our senses perceive the world around us, initially using eye tracking technology. What I learned was so shocking that felt compelled to write about it and now “Bottleneck” is the result.
I always had a passion for understanding things, and distrusted explanations without evidence. I love exploring and communication new ideas, some evidence being the hundred or so patents granted to me over the years. I have authored numerous papers and articles, and am a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.
The history of communication with light
The invention of optical fibre communications