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The Mobile Life: a new approach to moving anywhere
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Moving to live in a new country is an adventure equal in scope to the exploits of great explorers. Your goal is not to move house, but to establish a good life for yourself and your family at your destination. The Mobile Life describes what it takes to have a full and successful life wherever you chose to live. From making the decision to leave the security of a known environment to living among new neighbours, this book describes the skills, knowledge and mindset that get you through the transition to the life you desire.
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Culture Smart! Nigeria
Culture Smart! Canada
The Van Leer Entity 1987-2002: Preserving identity through change
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Diane Lemieux was born in Quebec, Canada and began travelling at the age of three. She has lived in ten countries: Canada, Hong Kong, the United States, Brazil, China, Mozambique, Congo-Brazzaville, Vietnam, the Netherlands, and currently Nigeria). She speaks English, French, Dutch and Portuguese. She has a BA in communications from Ottawa University, an MA in development studies from Leeds University, an MA in International Relations from Amsterdam University and a journalism diploma from Bath University. She has ten years experience in international development and over fourteen years as a freelance author and journalist.
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Expatriation, Personal change management, Moving to live abroad, Adjusting to life in a new place, International Women, The writing career
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Excess on occasion is exhilarating, it keeps moderation from becoming a habit.

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