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Seattle, WA USA
Author bio
Christine Haskell is the author of Look to Craftsmen as well as the founder and Principal of Christine Haskell Consulting — an organization that fosters focuses on learning to learn well by focusing on one’s core Craft.

Previously, Christine spent over twenty years in technology, at the nexus of technology and innovation, at every stage in a company's growth cycle. She developed first-generation products (Yahoo!, RealNetworks) and lead division-wide, global programs (Microsoft, Starbucks) in both startup and established software, internet, and software-as-a-service companies

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Christine now spends her time focused on human dynamics and relationships and their impact on business and individual success. The focus of her research and current work is on the idea of emotional labor, the ability of learning to learn well as the vehicle for creating meaningful and lasting change. Christine authors content and connects others to her vision and mission of developing Craft. She also continues to teach, speak, and consult with executive and firms seeking to increase their organization’s capability for change and resilience.
Professional Speaker Topics
Leadership, Innovation/Creativity, Learning how to reset
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Discipline (of thought and of action) brings magic, so we better get started!

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