Lisa Rothstein, New Yorker Cartoonist. Writer & Speaker

"Then you just hit 'tweet', and the whole world goes crazy." New Yorker Daily Cartoon June 13, 2018
Lisa Rothstein, New Yorker Cartoonist. Writer & Speaker
The Legacy Family Way
No one wants to talk about it, but what will happen not only to your money but to your family’s relationships after you die? What if you could make your planning your legacy something your whole family can participate in? This is a book by Cindy Arledge, a follow on to The Curse of Inheritance, which I also illustrated.
“The Art of Impact” by Pamela Hendrickson (illustrator)
“Ready, Aim, Captivate: Put Magic in Your Message and a Fortune in Your Future” (contributing author)
“Contagious Optimism” (contributing author)
“Success in High Heels” (contributing author)

UPCOMING!! “The DaVinci Dilemma: How Multi-Talented People Can Get More Done & Get More Joy Out of Life” (co-author & Illustrator)

UPCOMING: “Guest Appearance Gold: Grow Your Influence & Attract Great Clients by Leveraging Guest Appearances and Interviews.” (Illustrator & content consultant)
San Diego, CA and NYC
Lisa Rothstein Advertising & Brand Strategist, New Yorker Cartoonist, Speaker

Lisa Rothstein is the award-winning Madison Avenue ad agency copywriter
and creative director best known for creating the famous “Wait’ll We Get Our Hanes on You” campaign that changed America’s underwear.

In her consulting business, Creativity to Cash International, Inc. she uses speaking, cutting-edge strategy, cartooning, and insightful copy to help corporations and entrepreneurs see their ideal clients, products, brand mission and story in a new and unforgettable way.

Her cartoons have appeared in The New Yorker and in several Amazon bestselling books.

Lisa is a former NYC street performer, a featured author in several Amazon bestselling books and a graduate of Brown University. She lives in the San Diego area with her husband, Jim Benson, a radio talk show host.

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You only live once, but if your do it right, once is enough. — Mae West

  • Illustration from "Guest Appearance Gold: Grow Your Influence & Attract Great Clients By Leveraging Guest Appearances and Interviews", due out summer 2018