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Learn to Play Piano
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A Series of Books using Wendy's unique step by step method to read music quickly & efficiently whilst having fun doing it!
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Learn to Play Guitar, Learn to Play Violin, Learn to Play Flute, Learn to Play Saxophone,Learn to Sing
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Always a child singing or picking up an instrument to make music,Wendy began teaching Piano & Theory in 1978 to support herself as a uni student.
Upon completion of her B.Mus. Ed degree from Melbourne University Conservatorium, Wendy continued teaching privately whilst juggling a full time classroom and instrumental co-ordinator position. Once married and having a family, Private teaching became an ever expanding career. The demand for her services was such that wendy began employing teachers first from home and then in her first retail studio in Heidelberg, Melbourne, and including multiple instruments and keyboard lab.
Over many years, Wendy’s passion has provided further experience teaching classroom music in primary and secondary schools, developing and teaching preschool group classes, instrumental lessons in schools on multiple instruments, studios, privately and online.

Wendy’s business grew from home teaching to 30+ schools, 4 Retail Studios, 8 Franchises and 30+ teachers and includes her own teaching program utilising over 110 books, backing trax, flashcards and other resources. As part of her commitment to quality Music Education, Wendy has also developed her own Teacher Training programs for her own Teachers.
Wendy is proof that a woman can juggle being a mother and wife whilst developing and running a busy company despite enormous challenges such as family trauma, depression and loss including Black Saturday Bushfires.

Not Satisfied with merely running multiple Music Schools, Wendy also launched a Coaching Division. Music School Success, Wendy’s Coaching Brand grew from a demand for Wendy’s expertise in starting, managing and growing Music Schools in a variety of formats. Although Wendy has been mentoring Music Teachers in her own business for decades, MSS only became formalised in 2015 when Wendy began to put aside time specifically to coach Music Teachers and build her personal website to reach out to those beyond her immediate network in Melbourne.
The purpose of MSS is to assist Musicians and Music Teachers to achieve their most efficient, profitable and effective Music School through structured courses and coaching suited to each step of their journey and is now a Global Online Business.

Wendy now regularly runs workshops at National and International Conferences and Events.

In 2018 Wendy also launched MUSIC MISSION. A collaborative facebook group of global musicians and music teachers whose aim is to spread more music within local communities. Wendy’s passion for music and the joy and benefits it can give people of all ages, including those in aged care, special needs, with physical and mental disabilities for example is echoed in this amazing group she is continuing to build. Wendy and her Music School and MUSIC MISSION Members are using the power of Music to transform the World, one performance or experience at a time.

Wendy Brentnall-Wood
B.Mus.Ed, A.Mus.A ,MIMT,
ANZCA Examiner,Access Mentor (Melb Uni), Genius Educator, Entrepreneur Mentor,Teacher Trainer, Author, Adjudicator, Speaker and Music Teachers Coach.
Professional Speaker Topics
Music in Communities - How everyone benefits from more music!
Grow Your Own Music School - Key Steps to Creating a Profitable Business
Small Business - Starting, Growing, Managing a Business through 40 years of change
How I wrote over 110 Music Books - Getting Started as a Creative Author
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

Music can change the world because it can change People.Bono
Everyone deserves Music in their lives - Wendy Brentnall-Wood

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