Debbie J. Callahan
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Speaking for Souls
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In Speaking for Souls, the author details her interest in the Holocaust, the mystical journey that led her to writing and speaking about the importance of Holocaust Remembrance and Education, the relationships she has developed with Holocaust survivors, and the life-changing family secret that emerged through genealogical research that in part explains why she is drawn to this cause. Drawing on her own experiences from this journey, she encourages others to listen to their intuition to uncover their own calling as she did hers. She also encourages readers to communicate with elder family members and explains the importance of genealogical research into one’s own family. The book further implores readers to fight Holocaust denial with education and sharing the legacies of Holocaust survivors and victims, so the effects of rampant hatred in the past can provide lessons for today. For anyone with an interest in the Holocaust, spiritual journeys, or the magic of genealogy, this book is for you. Speaking for Souls details the journey of how someone who is not a historian, Holocaust survivor, the child of a survivor, or even Jewish chose to dedicate much of her life to the cause of Holocaust Remembrance and Education, overcoming a lifelong fear of public speaking to do so.
Additional Book Titles
The Real Reasons: An Exploration of the Causes of the Holocaust with Survivor David Bergman (co-author)
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Verona Island, ME
Author bio
Writer, speaker, and teacher Debbie J. Callahan has studied and taught the lessons of the Holocaust for several years. In addition to working with survivors and liberators and volunteering at a Holocaust center, she now devotes much of her time teaching about the importance of Holocaust Remembrance and Education.

Her articles, book, projects, and lectures focus on everything from the danger of hatred, racism, and anti-Semitism, to fighting Holocaust denial and the personal responsibility of sharing the stories of survivors, rescuers, liberators, and victims so that future generations will know what human beings are capable of doing to one another.

In doing so, she fulfills her promise to survivors that their stories will not die with them, they will be used to fight denial, and we will never forget. Additionally, she writes and speaks to assure those who perished at the hands of the Nazis did not die as statistics, numbers of dehumanized, faceless victims devoid of emotion. She tells instead the stories of people who lived, worked, and loved; thus, sharing the humanity and legacies for generations to come.
Professional Speaker Topics
The importance of Holocaust education and remembrance
The magic of genealogy
Holocaust survivor stories
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"Success only breeds a new goal" Bette Davis

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