Donna Gillenardo Duffy

Donna Gillenardo Duffy
Donna Gillenardo Duffy
Embracing Autumn
A Motivational Field Guide for Midlife Women Entrepreneurs
Wilmington entrepreneur, community leader and educator Donna Duffy has released a book entitled, “Embracing Autumn: A Motivational Field Guide for Midlife Women Entrepreneurs.” The book encourages women past the age of 50 to continue to pursue their dreams and even begin new careers despite societal pressures to put one’s self out to pasture.
Named “ 2015 Business Woman of the Year” by the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce, Duffy believes women in midlife are in the best stage of their lives, having the ability to make a powerful impact on the world as leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals who continue to reinvent themselves with purpose and passion.
“At midlife, women have a phenomenal opportunity to connect with themselves in a way they’ve not been able until now,” Duffy says. “Many women in their 50s carry a lot of fear and self-doubt, because they were conditioned to put others first. My book is a message that their adventures are only just beginning.”
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