Christiana Star
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Recover,Rebuild, Thrive. A practical guide for moving on from difficult life changes.
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A practical and powerful 'how to' book for everyone wanting to achieve personal healing, transformation and success on their own terms.
Do you want to find your way forward when life has changed?
Take charge of your own healing and transformation?
Longing for something new - but not sure where to start and what to do?

Recover, Rebuild, Thrive is a practical and powerful ‘how-to’ book for personal transformation, empowerment and success in the aftermath of trauma, pain and change. It offers clear direction and reassurance that it is possible to use adversity as trigger for personal growth, reassessment of priorities, increased emotional maturity and thriving in life.

Picking up the pieces or beginning from scratch is like a puzzle of many fragments coming together: troubling symptoms need to be addressed, an authentic sense of self restored, intense emotions managed, self-sabotaging thoughts challenged and much more. Using real life stories and many easy-to-use effective strategies, Recover, Rebuild, Thrive provides inspiration, hope, clarity, insights and information.
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10 Keys to Moving Forward when Life Has Changed
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Christiana Star (BA Hons Psychology, BA Hons Education) is a registered psychologist and writer with extensive experience in private practice, as a corporate consultant, critical incident counsellor and workshop facilitator.

Combining professional expertise with a spiritual outlook on life, Christiana specialises in creating self-help materials for personal growth, empowerment and mental health. Presenting complex psychological issues in an easily accessible way, her work offers new perspectives, insights, practical tips and easy strategies that can be applied straightaway.

Christiana has helped many people through her online articles, blog and a complementary ebook. Her latest release Recover, Rebuild, Thrive, offers comprehensive guidance for readers seeking to achieve personal transformation and success on their own terms.
Professional Speaker Topics
1. Recover, Rebuild, Thrive.
How to turn adversity and traumatic experiences into opportunities for personal reinvention and thriving in life.
2. Empowerment in Everyday Life.
Develop and enhance the psychological keys for living with presence, inner strength and confidence.
3. The Power of Self-acceptance.
Perspectives and practical tips for boosting low self-esteem, developing self-compassion and living with authenticity.
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” Dr Seuss

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