Alison Zak
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Wild Asana: Animals, Yoga, and Connecting Our Practice to the Natural World
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Ever wonder about the dog in Downward Dog or the crow in Kakasana? Rewild your yoga practice by connecting to the animals behind the asanas.
For nature-loving yogis and readers of World of Wonders and Yoga Mythology

From Downward Dog to Cobra, Wild Asana: Yoga Beyond Human Being invites you into an embodied exploration of the animals that inspire familiar yoga poses. Drawing on wildlife science, anthropology, Hindu mythology, Eastern philosophy, and personal stories, this insightful guide by environmental educator and yoga instructor Alison Zak explores the connections among our bodies, our minds, and the animals that inspire our practice.
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Virginia, USA
Author bio
ALISON ZAK is an author, yoga teacher, anthropologist, and animal. She lives in northern Virginia with her husband Vishu, Meeko the dog, and Monkey the adopted budgie. In addition to her writing and spiritual practices, Zak runs the Human-Beaver Coexistence Fund and regrets that there is no yoga pose named after the incredible ecosystem engineer, the beaver. Learn more about her at and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @animal_asana.

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