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This is not a book on how to raise our kids. No, that would be pretentious. Rather it’s a book on how not to lower them.

What if we're born with the mindset to succeed? That we must disobey this gift in order to live anything less than our fullest potential? How would that change our view of parenting?

There's no question that we love our kids. That's what makes it ironic that in our attempt to help them, we may be unwittingly training them to fail in life. And if you think this is only about our kids, didn't our parents have similar hopes and dream for us? What happened?

At the end of the day, perhaps our kids should be raising us. It's their childish ways that we need to remember, for it's these principles that can save us from a life of struggling and misery. What if we can re-raise the kid inside of us?
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Orlando, FL
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Josh Zepess is a corporate America escapee who realized that success in life was not to be had by following the path of the many.

A former engineer and gym owner, he became keenly aware of the lack of true Freedom in our free society and felt the calling to build a platform to help people understand and achieve the Freedom that we are killing ourselves to obtain.

Knowing that we will all win together or lose together in life, his teachings are designed to bring us back to our youth where winning was natural and even the sky wasn’t the limit. Where we don’t need to develop the ability to win, rather to remember how to win again. Where it is more profitable and fulfilling to build each other long-term than to fight each other incessantly.

He is based in Orlando, FL, but continues to spread his passions on the international stage. His legacy will be a new societal system for growth and accomplishment and undeniable Freedom.
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Mindset/Belief, Money (all aspects), Leadership, Raising Identity, Goal achieving,
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Most people live above their means and below their potential.
- Josh Z.

"Everything we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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