Yashi Nozawa
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The First Christmas: A History of Celebration
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A non-fiction brief history of Christmas and associated interesting problems. The author treated the subject as a simple historical event of his research object, so this book is not a religious book as its title might suggest. The first chapter focuses on discovering the origin of a Christmas celebration as a religious ritual. This simple task was involved with finding answers to several important questions, such as when and where was Jesus born? When and which church officials decided the date of Christmas? Did they select the correct date? If not, then what date and for what reason did they choose it? Once the first Christmas question is settled in chapter one, the following four chapters deal with the questions of when, where, and who did perform the first Christmas celebration in America. This inquiry leads us to a tangled web of the incomplete history of many earlier explorers and settlers. It includes the history of European explorers and their mutual conflicts in the period after the discovery of America by Columbus but before the Puritans' landing on Plymouth Rock. This book also describes Leif Erikson's North American settlement and related questions about its exact location. Probably the most intriguing subject is the possibility of pre-Columbian European settlers within the confines of the continental United States. Speculation about the existence of these unconfirmed settlements was triggered by the discovery of several rune-stones, which carried the inscription of rune alphabets, Norsemen's written language. In the last two chapters, the author describes the Japanese Christmas celebration as an example of Christmas in a non-Christian country. Since Japan is the author's native country, he has observed the evolution of Christmas there throughout the past sixty plus years since the end of World War II. It was refreshingly interesting compared to the traditional Japanese activities during the month of December.

Additional Book Titles
Temporary Permanence
The Spring Connection
Don't Be Afraid of Air Raids
Betrayal, Resurrection, and Conversion
Author bio
Yashi Nozawa was born in Tokyo, Japan. He came to the United States for graduate studies and received M.S and Sc.D. degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT. After his retirement from engineering, he began writing as a second career. He writes in two different fields: the genre of biographical fictions and memoirs, and science and religions, specializing in the rational explanation of religious phenomena. He has written several dozen articles in both fields for periodicals. He has also published, "Temporary Permanence", subtitled "My Life in America: Humorous Short Stories Based on Experiences of a Japanese Engineer," a collection of autobiographical short stories. Readers of the book have praised his O. Henry-style writing and made it a local best seller. "Don't Be Afraid of Air Raids" is the second book in his memoir series, but the first book dealing with the war experience.
In the science-religion series, he published, "The Spring Connections: Easter, Passover and Others," (as Dr. Yasushi Nozawa). The book is about the deep-rooted tradition of spring celebrations and their interaction with calendar systems. He also disclosed his new interpretation of the meaning of the Israelites' Exodus from Egypt in the book. "Betrayal, Resurrection, and Conversion: Three Christian Miracles Explained," is his second book in the science and religion field. He discloses three bold new hypotheses, explaining major miracles in Christianity in rational and logical ways. "The First Christmas" is his third book in the science-religion series. It covers the origin, dispersion, and evolution of Christmas celebrations and associated events of early American exploration.

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