John F Taylor
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Complete Captive Care of the Uromastyx Species
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Moncton, NB
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I am known by many names within the County in which I live. I am known as “the Snake man, the Snake dude, SnakeGuy, The "Real" Dr. Doolittle and finally my personal favorite,

"The Herp Father"
My real name is John F Taylor and I am an internationally published author on reptiles with several magazine credits a book, and a few eBooks to my credit. I was raised around animals mostly mammals; it wasn’t until later that I got involved with reptiles, fish, amphibians, and insects much to my mothers happiness. I tell people who are curious, if it’s got scales or tail(s) chances are I know something about it.

I am the former Founder of Southern California Wildlife, and not only an amateur herpetologist, but I'm also very knowledgable regarding San Diego-based reptiles and their habitat. Additionally, I have extensive experience with exotic species from all over the world. I have worked within the pet industry for over a decade and served as a former Editor for the San Diego Herpetological Society. I've personally handled well over 200 various species. My articles appear in numerous multiple media environments; most recently my articles have appeared within the industry-respected Reptilia Magazine, a renowned European publication and reptile magazine, Reptiles Magazine, Reptiles USA Magazine.

I have also been a featured writer for National Geographic Museum Blog, Northampton Reptile Centre, Toronto Pet Daily, Daily Reptile News, Outbound Family, Haute or Not Pets, and All I also had a weekly column on Inky Fresh Press Tough Love for Freelance Writers for a time. Where I don't pull punches and hit you below the belt with the realities of getting published.

I have also published “Captive Care of Uromastyx” through T.F.H. My main goal is to educate people living in small environments, primarily apartments, on the unique challenges of keeping a reptile or insect.

"There’s an alarming lack of actionable data on this topic and a lack of information or an abundance of misinformation is impacting the quality of life for reptiles and insects everywhere."
In October I launched my own reptile internet radio show The Reptile Living Room at where I interview experts in the industry. 2011 saw the launch of Herpetoculture House Magazine one of the ONLY, if not the only digital reptiles magazines available.

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