Melanie Votaw

Melanie Votaw
Melanie Votaw
Most Recent Book Title:
52 Ways to Romance Your Muse and Launch Any Creative Project
Book Description:
Whether you’re a writer, painter, choreographer, website designer, executive, etc., this book will provide you with ways to think differently and open the well of creativity that’s just waiting to be accessed inside you. With 52 different creativity prompts, you can use this book for years to come to spark innovative ideas, launch a new creative project, or break through artistic blocks.
Additional Book Titles:
Hummingbirds: Jewels on Air; 52 Weeks of Passionate Sex; Passion Starters; The Art of Belly Dancing; and others
Location (city/state/country):
New York/NY/USA
Author bio:
Melanie Votaw is a full-time writer who has written 32 books – 10 under her own name and 22 that she has ghostwritten for others. Her books have been published by such houses as Running Press/Perseus Books, Hay House, Hyperion, Macmillan, and others. Hay House and literary agents frequently recommend her to their authors.

She runs the Facebook group “Finish Your Book with Melanie Votaw” and runs two separate group coaching programs to provide teaching book/self-help authors with individualized coaching, detailed instruction, motivation, and relief from isolation as they finish their book or book proposal. The group includes Q&A’s with industry experts.

Besides her ghostwriting and coaching, Melanie works as a developmental book editor for other non-fiction authors. Her writer website is

In addition to her book writing, Melanie maintains her own international travel blog at, and she has written for a number of magazines and newspapers. She has also appeared on radio and television and as a speaker and workshop leader across the country.

While most of Melanie’s books are non-fiction, she has a fiction book on her list, and she has also published poetry in a number of literary magazines around the world.
Professional Speaker Topics:
Self-publishing vs. Traditional Publishing – Which is Best For You; The Crucial Components of a Successful Self-Help Book; Self-Help Authors: Get Over Your Outline Allergy
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

“To do things beautifully, to handle ugly problems beautifully, with a deep regard for the sacredness of the human status — that is the Divinity in each of us.” -Pir Vilayat Khan

  • Facebook group for teaching book/self-help authors

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