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Cosmopolitan Bella
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Bella and her best friend, Candace, go on a camping trip with the Cosmopolitans, an all-girl star gazing team. The girls all want to earn their star badge, especially Bella. Everyone knew you weren't a true Cosmopolitan member unless you had the star badge, it was the most honored and sought after badge the group offered.
Additional Book Titles
Stacks, Stacks Saves Santa, Bella-Ween, Bella's Bubblesaurus, Dog Training Made Easy, Crooked Letter Legends| A Guide to Haunted Mississippi.
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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Author bio
CbM is an author, & illustrator of children’s books, fiction, self-help books, a local paranormal historian, and a proud supporter of Guitars Not Guns. This author, previously known for her mural & charcoal artwork, will captivate each reader with her detailed illustrations and writing. She enjoys long, sleepless nights, and listening to the rain. Her work is rooted in research, iteration, and open dialogue. She delights in finding imaginative solutions for complex problems and moving ideas from good to great. When not writing, she can be found diligently searching knowledge, wishing on fading stars, or spoiling her dog.
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Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"To understand the world. one must first understand a place like Mississippi."
William Faulkner

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