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Sales and Marketing Success: Targeting Your Perfect Customer Who Will Buy & Buy
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This book is the Ultimate Guide to sales and marketing success.

By walking through this process, you will be able to target the perfect customer who will buy and buy.

With the advent of the internet and all the sales and marketing channels available, it is becoming increasing clear that the "old school, spray and pray" style of sales is no longer a viable option. There is no one way to reach everyone like when the big three TV stations dominated the airwaves or when the Yellow Pages were the only game in town for local businesses.

Today's sales and marketing professional has to know, without a doubt, who they are selling to and the best ways to reach that customer.

We have spent the last four years perfecting the Perfect Customer ProfileTM worksheet which walks you through figuring out WHO your perfect customer is, why they buy and how to find buying triggers that will get them to open their wallets. This book is the culmination of all that research.

Who is This Book For?

Service professionals in industries like Financial, Insurance, Legal, and Medical
Corporate sales people in the fields of Technology, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Supplies, Manufacturing
Real estate professionals like Realtors, agents, mortgage brokers and bankers
Entrepreneurs and small business owners, inside sales and direct sales people
Marketing professionals who understand that selling is a big component of their industry

˃˃˃ What It Will Help With

Knowing who your perfect customer is will help with building products that will move them down your sales funnel smoothly, reduce customer acquisition cost and time, and save you money on advertising. Never again spend a dime putting your message in front of prospect who can't "hear" what you are saying!

One of the major benefits of knowing your customer is eliminating marketing on places they will not see your message and targeting the best marketing venues. Find out exactly which social sites you should be active on to "meet" your perfect customers.

Included in the book is a link to download the Perfect Customer ProfileTM worksheet. This vital sales tool will give an unfair advantage over your competition!
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Denver, CO
Author bio
The Marketing & Media Monsters dynamic duo, Tara Jacobsen and Rebekah Welch, are a power house of knowledge armed with a plethora of education, experience, and real-life successes. With two distinctively different marketing styles, The Monsters are true pros at recognizing the unique gifts and skills that each one of their eager students and clients offer the world, and designing systems and strategies completely geared toward and supportive of the things that come the most naturally to those they lead. They don't believe in tearing people down or disabling what they have in place, rather they pull all the best pieces and show their clients how to work with what the already have. By employing this simple approach they are able to equip small business owner with tools that they can feel comfortable using and will provide focused, measurable results quickly.

About Tara, aka "The Wizard of Marketing Ah's":

Tara is a sought after marketing presenter known for her tell it like it is style and giving 100 miles-an-hour presentations that will keep your audience engaged and taking notes the entire time. Tara is an Authority Marketing expert with an innate understanding of all things database and how to translate that into a highly successful marketing system. As the owner and fearless leader of Marketing Artfully.

Tara is not just talking about marketing ideas from years past. She is actively working with small business, Realtor and entrepreneur clients on a day-to-day basis, implementing the latest cutting edge marketing concepts that work today. Tara will give your audience concrete strategies that they can start implementing immediately!

About Rebekah, aka "The Girl Behind The Curtain":

Rebekah is a Broadcast Media Talent, Networking Expert, and master of all things Social Media. Her passion is empowering entrepreneurs and business owners with the mind-set, strategies, tools, and connections necessary to make a memorable impact in today's ever changing world. Rebekah is a Birdseed Marketing Expert with a tremendous understanding how to reach massive numbers of people in incredibly short periods of time.

Rebekah is the owner of The Colorado Connector and a contributing author for the 2011 release of "Rock The World With Social Media" by Mike O'Neil & Lori Ruff. Rebekah will give your audience real-life behind the scenes knowledge and the inspiration and motivation to put their plans into action upon leaving the room!

The Monsters have a combined listening audience of over 500,000 people world-wide. Their internet-based marketing show draws a live, standing-room-only audience at every taping where guests get great training and all of their questions answered. The Monsters have a gift for putting their audience at ease and breaking down the information they share into bite-sized chunks that are easily digested and implemented. Because they are best-friends in real life, they truly enjoy working together and are genuinely having fun - which translates to a great time for everybody!
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