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Dr. Bob Rich
Anikó: The stranger who loved me
It is the life story of a woman who achieved the impossible and survived the unsurvivable — more than once. Her courage, imagination and ruthlessness saved her and her family from death during the terrible years of the Second World War. Hampered by the stifling atmosphere of life behind the Iron Curtain, and by being a woman in a male-dominated culture, she nevertheless managed to build a million-dollar export business. But the greatest challenge of her life was to protect her husband’s dignity over 31 years.
Cancer: A personal challenge
Bob is an award-winning editor, working for several small, independent publishers and a steady stream of writers pre-submission. He is the author of 17 books, 6 of them nonfiction. Five of his books have won awards. However, he mainly works as a Professional Grandfather, working for a survivable future, and one worth surviving in.

Live simply, so you may simply live.

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