Holley Moseley
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A Ray of Hope
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On a typical day at her job as a nurse, Holley Moseley met a small, captivating toddler named RayAnn who would change her life forever. What began as their fairytale of a family knit together by love and adoption quickly became the harrowing tale of Holley and her husband fighting to save their daughter’s life. When they found the miracle they were desperate for in the form of CBD-rich oil, a type of medical cannabis, they soon realized that their story was really just beginning.

Told through her experiences as both a nurse and a mother of amedically fragile child, Holley offers insight on the controversial use of medical cannabis as a treatment for sick children—from dealing with the behind-your-back whispers of judgmental neighbors to building the best “team” for your child, this book is a how-to for any parent who may be hoping for their own miracle.
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Florida/ United States
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A University of South Alabama graduate, I have over 14 years of nursing experience, specializing in pediatrics and clinical research. I worked as the executive director for the Epilepsy Society of Northwest Florida and continue to be a dedicated advocate for epilepsy research and awareness.
I am a wife and mother of three. My oldest daughter, RayAnn, and I were instrumental in passing the first cannabis legislation in the state of Florida, known as the "Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014."
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GENERAL KEYNOTE: The Story of RayAnn Moseley…How One Little Girl Changed the World

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