Catherine Saxelby

Catherine Saxelby
Catherine Saxelby
My Nutritionionary
Do you know your MCTs from your LCTs? How about sterols from stanols? Or omega-3 vs omega-6? If you find yourself confused by food labels and ads for healthy eating, Catherine Saxelby’s comprehensive guide My Nutritionary will help you cut through the jargon and put the power of her nutrition know-how in your hands.

We live in a world with constantly changing nutrition advice – eat more of this, avoid that – but increasingly this information uses scientific terminology that few of us are familiar with. When everyone from diet gurus to wellness bloggers to celebrity chefs and even your doctor has suggestions for healthy eating, translating the latest nutrition jargon into useful terms can be overwhelming.

In My Nutritionary, Catherine answers these questions and more in plain English, helping you navigate through the jargon and hype so you know what you’re eating. If you want to know exactly what you’re putting in your shopping trolley – or on the dinner table, this is the guide for you.

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