Benjamin Samuel Brasford

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Benjamin Samuel Brasford
The Work Volume I – The Life of Benjamin Samuel Brasford
A story of fiction that is based in reality. The story involves a young man who, while in the army, encountered a group of church members, subsequently married early into an arranged marriage. He would later find out just how dark the church and even the one that he married was. He would eventually, along with his spouse, leave this church, and they would subsequently part ways, but not before a series of rather strange and bizarre psychological thriller and suspense-based events took place that plagued the young man. He would eventually gather enough strength and meet a strong man later who would help him position himself to live a stronger and much brighter life. The young man meets a new woman who would prove to be the start of a life worthy of having left behind what he encountered.
An author writing a story that unfolds from a perspective of an observer and an experiencer of various aspects of “normal” life, with differing schools of thought in the process that led to in-depth spiritual, social, and intellectual development. Topics include religion, metaphysics, the social and natural sciences, ancient and modern history, all from a more pragmatic point of view. A member of Intelligent Publishing.

While the past does in a sense make us, we can to our advantage, use it to take us…