Edith Kunihira
Most Recent Book Title
Koogere: Queen of Busongora
Book Description
This is the first title in the African Royal Tales book series which explore the history of the Kingdoms of the African Great Lakes. The story of Koogere is the earliest historical account available in present day Uganda. Her wealth was great and her wisdom incomparable. She controlled an entire Empire through her prophetic abilities and Cwezi cult initiations. Centuries later, Britain crushed her followers and brought her Kingdom to a dreadful end.
Additional Book Titles
African Royal Tales book series
Location (city/state/country)
Kampala, Uganda
Author bio
Edith Kunihira is a Ugandan author who was fascinated by African Royalty at an early age. She began her research on the topic in 2008 and now shares her passion through children's books.

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