Jeri Walker
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Popular Poe Stories in Plain English
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Five of Edgar Allan Poe's most popular short stories have been rewritten in a plain English version made more accessible for today's readers. The content has not been shortened or simplified, but Poe’s complex and long-winded writing style has been toned down. Lengthy paragraphs remedied, meandering sentences simplified, unnecessary repetition curtailed, daunting vocabulary replaced, confusing dialogue addressed, and obscure references clarified.
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Pacific Northwest
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Jeri’s truth is stranger than fiction, and it’s a long story. She grew up in the eccentric mining town of Wallace, Idaho. A bipolar mother, spousal abandonment, and breast cancer have shaped her into a resilient soul and raconteur of personal upheaval and wanderlust.

Lost Girl Road (in progress) is a work of contemporary psychological fiction set in the woods of northwest Montana. She intends to submit to literary agents upon completion. An appreciation for travel, minimalism, personal growth, and human conditioning is reflected in her writing.

Her creative nonfiction and short stories have been published in Idaho Magazine and cold-drill. Most recently, she won first place in the 2018 Idaho Writers Guild essay contest. Receive exclusive content via her quarterly author newsletter.
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How Public Speakers Can Increase Audience Engagement via Metacognitive Strategies
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What do I know? Michel de Montaigne

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