Madeleine Boskovitz, PhD
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I Want To Be Me But I Don't Know Who I Am
Book Description
A guidebook for teens and young adults, I Want To Be Me But I Don't Know Who I Am engages readers in a gentle but very direct and straight-forward, authentic manner, as it guides them towards awareness of their own power to manage their behavior and make healthy choices that move them towards autonomy and independence.

A valuable resource for struggling adolescents, young adults, and every person who supports them. Parents, teachers, counselors, all will benefit from being able to help a developing youth to learn to understand themselves and their behavior, discover their strengths, develop new life skills, identify and choose their direction, and overcome obstacles.
Location (city/state/country)
Philadelphia, PA
Author bio
Madeleine Boskovitz, PhD, began her journey into the formal study of psychology during her forties. She obtained her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston, and now has over 20 years of experience counseling clients of all ages. From working in under-served areas, schools, rural locales, hospitals, and inner-city situations, to private practice and university teaching engagements, she has connected with people from many different settings and backgrounds.

Prior to her formal studies in psychology, Dr. Boskovitz was initially inspired by renowned French psychiatrist and pediatrician Francoise Dolto, MD, the self-proclaimed “doctor of child-rearing,” Dr. Boskovitz was drawn to the next stage of life: adolescence and the transition between childhood and adulthood. She considers those years as the most important developmental stage in preparing consciously for one’s future.

In each of her engagements, Dr. Madeleine Boskovitz has found teens and adults, young and old, yearning to understand themselves, feel capable of managing their behavior, be able to make sound and insightful decisions that work for them, and eager to follow their dreams. She helps her patients and readers become empowered to realize who they are and discover who they want to become; they go on to lead successful lives!

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