Author, Speaker & Coach Eboni Nicole Browning
Most Recent Book Title
Don’t Be A Baby Mama
Book Description
A self-help book written to encourage and equip single moms with the tools necessary to create peace in their coparenting process.
Location (city/state/country)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Author bio
Known as the "Coach Mommy Mogul" because my passion is helping mothers live their best lives! Coming from being a single mother of 3 who faced many setbacks and struggles which led me to write my first book to help mothers effectively co-parent. This opened the door for me to become a mentor and speaker by using my personal life experiences to help other women overcome hardships and setbacks in their lives. Now a wife and mother of 4 I encourage other women to become better mothers, wives and business women through my Mommy Mogul Bootcamps and workshops that promote personal growth and self-identity.
Professional Speaker Topics
Women Empowerment
Overcoming Life Obstacles
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

There is greatness in all of us! We must learn how to tap into it and use it to live our lives to the fullest.

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