Catsworth Publishing Services, LLC
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Alexandria, VA
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Catsworth Publishing Services, LLC is a publishing firm and design studio offering a wide range of digital and printed products, as well as services that encompass all aspects of the production process. Our goal is to help clients present their work in a professional, accurate, and attractive way so their publications provide the most impact with the clearest understanding. We deliver high-quality results and exceptional service within a reasonable time and budget.

Catsworth clients include research scholars and academic authors, public figures, traditional and self publishers, organizations and government agencies, and business owners. We work in a variety of academic and public interest specialties and with international and multi-disciplinary clients.

Catsworth Publishing Services, LLC produces products such as non-fiction books, memoirs, biographies, journals, reports, and marketing materials.

Our services range from editing, design, and proofreading to essential publishing details like distribution, copyright, and marketing. We can help you self-publish and distribute your book through Amazon, or prepare your manuscript for submission to a traditional academic publisher. A full list of services is available on our website: We also publish select works through our publishing imprint, Catsworth Press.
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We help authors share their best work, make a positive difference in the world, and leave lasting legacies.

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