Michelle Andrea Williams
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Tending The Beloved: Healing Wounds Into Scars
Book Description
Tending The Beloved: Healing Wounds Into Scars is a comprehensive workbook designed to discover the deep wounds we carry and create a plan for sufficient healing through open, intimate communication with God. The workbook can be used individually, in small groups, or in a retreat setting for self-discovery and God-discovery. The sessions start with contemplative prayer, or meditation, to promote the intimacy we so desire with our Creator. Each chapter consists of stories from Jesus, lessons from God, skill building, and questions to help develop a path to sufficient healing. Journal prompts are included at the end of the chapters to dig deeper into topics. A journal section is enclosed.
God has an exclusive plan for our healing to match our unique situations. The course aims to help us realize God’s plan for healing our wounds into scars. Jesus’ stories from the Gospels help reveal new revelations and deeper meaning to our wounding. Through the teachings of Christ, God reveals a new way of looking at our habits, our hurts, and our hearts. Join the journey of discovering God’s plan to heal your deepest wounds into sufficiently healed scars and lay down the burdens at the foot of Cross once and for all.
Additional Book Titles
Finding My Damascus, Wound-Proofing Our Writing Practice
Location (city/state/country)
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA
Author bio
Michelle Andrea Williams, MBA, is an industry news writer for a healthcare analytics company and a member of the Non-Fiction Authors Association. She has written articles for healthcare industry journals and has decades of experience in business, employee training, and policy and procedure writing.
Professional Speaker Topics
Training, small group leadership, helping others heal from wounding experiences.

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