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Why Are You Here?
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Volunteer profiles for the local pro-life ministry explaining how they came to be at the PRC.
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Living in the Fire
Sufficient Grace
Legendary Locals of Grand Prairie
Rude Awakening or Not in the Budget
Buy Rent Sell 100+ Things That Can Go Wrong
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Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
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Pamela Flynt Knight has always had a heart for people. She has enjoyed a wide range of experiences both personally and professionally in her life and feels it is a blessing that has enriched her knowledge and faith. Believing that people are special and that everyone encounters their own set of trials, her heart is inclined to encourage others.
She has learned through her many experiences the importance of never giving up and trusting God. She chose the life of a wife and mother and found part-time work throughout the years of raising her sons. After experiencing a divorce and an empty nest at the same time she used her varied experiences to reinvent her life and move forward.
Pam is now a speaker and published author, still juggling life. She has been a Grand Prairie resident for more than three and a half decades. She began her career as an author in 2010 and has produced six books since that time.
Her non-fiction publications are as varied as her life has been. Sufficient Grace is a coffee table book and book on CD of some of her poetry. The CD has readings from six different individuals. Her second is Living in the Fire. This spiritual publication, took twenty years to produce. She began it when her sons were teenagers. Her third, Rude Awakening or Not in the Budget is a humorous look at one of her real estate investments. Although she thought it was finished, there was more to add to the story and thus Buy•Rent•Sell 100+ Things That Can Go Wrong was developed. Legendary Locals of Grand Prairie was co-authored with Richard G. Waller and is part of an Arcadia Publishing/History Press series. It includes 150 years of people in Grand Prairie’s history. Her latest publication is Why Are You Here? and is a celebration of the volunteers and the 25th Anniversary of the Pregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie.

Professional Speaker Topics
Men Are Important
Political Correctness Gone Wild
Managing The Stresses of Life
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