Bud Brinkley
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Building A Wooden Jon Boat
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This book explains in detail the methods and techniques the author has used in the construction of a commercial fishing boat. You will learn how to properly select wood, how to use epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth, and how to incorporate proven techniques to achieve success. Bud uses his years of experience in boat building and design to explain in easy to understand ideas the methods used to build a typical wooden boat.
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How To Start A Pool Service Business
Location (city/state/country)
Huntsville, Texas USA
Author bio
Bud Brinkley has been designing and building boats for over 50 years on the Texas Gulf Coast. The boats that he has built all remain true to his creed “Simple Is Better” and he strives to make each boat as useful, safe, and strong as possible. He has grown up around boats and boating nearly his entire life and he has a keen sense of proper design and function.
Bud is married to his wife Laura and they currently live on a cattle ranch in Texas. He is currently enjoying retirement with his wife and their current inventory of critters including 3 dogs (spoiled) and 6 cats (rotten).

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