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Simple Tips To Developing A Productive Clinician-Patient Relationship
Book Description
Learn the tips for effective interactions between clinician and patients of various attitudes, characteristics and diversities to help develop productive clinician-patient relationships.
Additional Book Titles
Principles For Overcoming Communication Anxiety and Improving Trust
Location (city/state/country)
Alexandria, VA. USA
Author bio
Graduate of Pace University, NY. MSc, Nursing. A family Nurse practitioner for over 17 years, practiced in various clinical settings and co-owned a private clinic in New Jersey. Author of 2 books. A wife and mother of 4 girls. Lives with family in Virginia
Professional Speaker Topics
Effective use of Communication as a tool to improve clinician-patient relationship and build trust
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Don't drive your vision because you will run out of gas...let your vision drive you because this sustains you now and for all eternity.

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