Andy McPhee

Andy McPhee
Author Name: Andy McPhee
Most Recent Book Title: Silver Lining: Clean Air and the Tragedy of a Pennsylvania Mill Town (in progress)
Book Description: Silver Lining deals with the people and events related to the Donora (PA) Death Fog of 1948, a tragedy that led directly to the nation’s first Clean Air Act. In this blog I provide information about the event, historical context, and lessons we can learn today.
Location (city/state/country): Doylestown, PA, USA
Author bio: I’ve had a bit of a varied career. A retired RN I practiced and taught nursing for about 25 years. I was in the publishing field for more than 30 years and have written nine books, written and edited more than 750 health and life science articles, and managed the publication from beginning to end of whole batches and bunches of books. I taught in an LPN program for 10 years, did my Master’s work in Curriculum and Instruction, and am a Consultant and Fellow for the National Writing Project.
Professional Speaker Topics: Healthcare publishing, acquiring authors, writing skills
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.