Lori Walton
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From Transition to Transformation
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Transition to Transformation is a reminder that you can win, even in the midst of life transitions. You will be able to journy through God's word for solutions that set you up for victory!
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Greensboro, NC/USA
Author bio
Lori Walton is a wife and mother of 3 from Charlotte, NC. She has worked in the Cosmetology field for over 20 years as a Cosmetologist, Instructor & Hair Replacement Specialist. Though she had a love for this type of work; she had a greater love for her once hidden talent of writing. Over the years she would write plays, skits, poems, and songs but she always felt there was something more.

Then it happened; the time finally came when it was put on her heart to write a book. The joy she found in it led to her knowing that there would be more books to follow. All with the goal and focus on uplifting others, encouraging them, and teaching them how to live their best life through the word of God.

Contact info:loriwalton005@gmail.com
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Let God transform your life into what it was meant to be.

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