Jeff Damulira

Jeff Damulira
Author Name: Jeff Damulira
Book Description: The future is uncertain. The future of economic, technology
and social landscape has been shaped, reformed and
transformed from the past and present. From analysing the
antithesis of cultural development and patterns from the
past can give us foresight to the future of civilisation
transition and permutations. Throughout centuries, there has
been alterations in political, institutional, economic
commerce to variety of denomination and ecclesiastical
governance structure. Although, being cognisant to future.
changes can prevent us from experiencing future shock as
described by Alvin Toffler. Because, constantly imagining
problems before it arises; can make some of us adapt and
willingly accept the formlessness of the orbiting cosmos.
Power is constantly changing. Empires have expiration dates,
as different empires in the past had a transient period;
instead of eternity. Instead of trying to play god by defying
fate and destiny; we could humbly accept the formlessness
of the world. Historical lessons taught Pharaoh, that pride is
eclipsed by inevitable fall. By seeing further to the future
with Olympian perspective can direct our steps much
smoother; instead of being clouded with rash and irrational
judgement.Recent history, we have seen some political
disevehellment, intergovernment’s decision in critical
moment; that has massively affected the ramification of
economic landscape. By observing past history such as the
fall of Spartan to rise of Ancient Athens; can repeat similar
patterns in 21st century of international economic, cultural
and social arena. From seeing pivotal and monumental
moments in recent history such as consummation of Brexit;
has lead to pendelum shift in trade, economic leverage
between one country and gaint conglomerate of European
Union. Digital revolution has given us an amazing tool for
investigative and eavesdropping process in analyzing
different changes in society in multifarious continents of the
world. A godlike Olympian horizons to view other countries in
a rapid and digital access to significant development. Often,
we can be highly narcissistic and deeply unaware of
generational changes, economic stagnation or growth in
nations, social changes and dating arena. By seeing the world
with a broad scope of Olympian strategy; we can separate
ourselves from other mortals with narrower view. Imagine
seeing through the lenses of different leaders in government,
corporation and organizations; becoming invisible clones in
viewing from a different perspective and foresight. Spirit is
lifted, galvanized and magnified with increased awareness
and unprecedented foresight to the future. Making the right
steps, precise timing and perfect moment in life changing
decisions; which could upgrade or downgrade our situation
and endeavours. Seeing through the lenses from above the
earth ground; like the mythological greek gods of Mount
Olympus ; in conversion to spirits flying through speed of
light and seeing things that ordinary mortals can’t foresee.
Author bio: Graduated from Middlesex University in 2015. Previous experiences in entrepreneurship, micro business , sales, marketing, independent social trader, digital business consultant and apprentice recruitment consultant, Student Voice Leader, School Voice Leader, Executive Committee Member and Deputy Chairman. Currently a Member of Deanery Synod & Parochial Church Council Member of St Paul( Salford)