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Curiosity Killed The Spat
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In a time when at least 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, the grim reality of failed and failing relationships can feel inevitable. After all, what hope is there for love when a vow to stay together forever seems to mean so little? Conflicts and resentment are tearing apart more couples than ever-or, worse yet, keeping them unhappily trapped together for the sake of the kids, finances, or personal beliefs. Desperate wives, husbands, and significant others turn to relationship self-help books to try and salvage their partnerships, but these books largely focus on dealing with the fights and hurt feelings that arise, rather than getting to the true root of the matter. This results in simply masking the symptoms of an unhealthy relationship, rather than healing the wounds from the inside out.
Through Curiosity Killed the Spat, Joe Mellon hopes to change all that. Rather than being a simple relationship advice book, this is a full-fledged relationship education and restoration manual. The bold, straightforward style is ideal for anyone who is currently in a failing relationship, has ever weathered the storm of a broken partnership, or even someone who wishes to prevent it from happening in the future. With an innovative five-part program called The Melfox Method, Mellon presents a proactive guide designed to restore and preserve the intimacy, trust, and understanding in just about any relationship.
Environment: Before the healing begins, you need to set the stage. In this section, you learn about the universal nemesis of healthy relationships, and how weeding it out begins with you and your partner staying on the same side.
Information: In order to be successful at conflict resolution, it is important to establish empathy and come to a mutual understanding of the root cause of the conflict. Through challenging and clarifying what your partner says, and having your partner do the same, you will have the information you need to resolve any conflicts that may arise.
Egoity: How do you protect yourself when you are feeling vulnerable? By shutting yourself off, making mean remarks, or cracking sarcastic jokes? These defensive reactions are a normal and natural warning system that, when controlled, can be used to pinpoint the root of the conflict to be resolved.
Interaction: Next, it's time to put your lessons to work. Discover how you and your partner can combine Information and Egoity into successful, conflict-busting sessions.
Outcome: Finally, get a glimpse of the fruits of your labor. Learn about the expected results and diverse benefits you can enjoy from understanding and practicing The Melfox Method.
From the newly single to the happily married, everyone has something to learn from Curiosity Killed the Spat. Through this comprehensive guide, learn how to get to the root of any relationship issue, while battling the true nemesis of successful partnerships. Your current and future relationships will thank you.
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Atlanta, GA USA
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With a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering, Joseph Jay Mellon is a trained problem solver with professional experience as an industrial engineer, accountant, and systems manager. As a plaque on his wall says, an engineer's responsibility is to "list the questions, gather the facts, and solve the problem"-an approach that applies strongly to his take on personal relationships. He is also a Certified Marriage Educator (CME) through the National Marriage Centers, in association with the National Premarital Institute. Through organizations like these, Joe has conducted countless interactive lectures about The Melfox Method and effective conflict resolution. In future lives, he hopes to explore video production and perhaps run a pizza joint with karaoke. When he's not writing about the pursuit of healthy relationships, Joe can be seen surfing the web for new and exciting stuff, playing with his three beautiful boys, or watching Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Jeopardy. In his own mind, Joe considers himself an Angry Birds savant and master. He is still in mourning from Albert Pujols' decision to leave the St. Louis Cardinals.
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