Carol Cary Taylor
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Cosmic Office Inc.
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More time, more confidence, more support, more help! Assemble a staff of personally-created assistants with the 7 Speedy Steps in "Cosmic Office Inc." Working parents, entrepreneurs, owners of small and large businesses, writers, artists, professionals, and many others can take advantage of the unlimited energy of the cosmos. How? By using trust, imagination, intentionality, effort, and gratitude as outlined in this short, easy-to-follow guidebook. Learn how to name and imaginatively invent helpers for specific tasks, organize assistants into a personal staff, or office, and read true stories of how personal assistants provide results.
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Charlottesville, VA, USA
Author bio
Carol Cary Taylor, author of Cosmic Office, Inc. and Senior Activity Ideas provides practical solutions to daily life through books, presentations, design, technology, and teaching. Her motley assortment of interests and skills began in Girl Scouts with the earning of the “Dabbler” badge. Later, she earned degrees in teaching art (B.A.) and library/information technology (M.L.S.), working in first grade through PhD level schools and libraries. Carol traces her insatiable curiosity and creativity to a natural right/left brain hemispheric balance that supports artistic endeavors with down-to-earth sensibilities. Carol is an experienced facilitator of Outreach seminars of The Monroe Institute, an international center of consciousness exploration and training, as well as a consultant in practical aging topics.
Professional Speaker Topics
Living a creative life, Vertical Vegetable Gardening, Assisted Living for Tiger Daughters, Consciously Exploring Consciousness.
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We're all in this together.

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