TA Sullivan

TA Sullivan
TA Sullivan
Escorting the Dead
How a bicycle accident and associated near-death experience changed my life.
On Dreams and Dream Symbols; Mastering Meditation; Choices
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TA Sullivan
I was born in the back of a cab, and since then I have continued to be unconventional in all that I do.

For over thirty years, I have made a living as a technical and marketing writer and editor in such diverse industries as manufacturing, cellular technology, and computer software. I have become quite proficient in turning boring into something readable and entertaining.

My first book, “Escorting the Dead,” is an autobiographical look into the world of death escorts and near-death experiences. It won praise from critics and readers alike.

My next book, “On Dreams and Dream Symbols,” strove to expand people’s awareness of their dreams and what those dreams might be trying to tell them.

I wrote a companion book to “Escorting the Dead” called “Choices,” which details what I learned about relationships and life during my NDE.

I am currently working on a book about chakras and auras, compiling my nearly 50+ years of experience and research into one easy-to-understand book.

When I’m not busy writing, I’m busy exploring the astral realms and learning about other ways of life or sharing chocolate and cuddlng with my spouse.
Death and the after life; writing, authoring, and publishing books; writing romance novels

Death is merely another step along life’s path.

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