Robyn Roste
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Exquisitely Imperfect
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Exquisitely Imperfect is designed to help you tune out the countless blogs, videos, magazines, books, social media sites, men, and other women who tell you what you need to do or be or change to measure up. In these engaging chapters, you'll be challenged to embrace one overarching and potentially transforming truth: only one voice—one single voice—defines you…the voice of the One who made you.
Additional Book Titles
A Woman's Joy
Help Me Understand
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Abbotsford, BC Canada
Author bio
I help agencies, entrepreneurs and small businesses write meaningful copy.
Professional Speaker Topics
Freelance writing, marketing, social media, networking, writing schedules, reader avatars
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto

"When it comes to writing, we can develop our skills and boost our talent through thoughtful practice…. By continuing to write, we build stamina and patience, eventually exceeding our own standards to the extend that we can raise them." (Dan Millman and Sierra Prasada in The Creative Compass)⠀

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