Anthony Hayes

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Author Name: Anthony Hayes
Most Recent Book Title: The Science of Being Surviving; Depression
Book Description: Go on a journey with me through the trials, tribulations and moments of enlightenment I experienced in my early- to mid-20s. It gets a bit dark along the way but we will get through it together. I am the product of a divorced marriage but had a great childhood nonetheless.

In 2004, a switch went off in my head that would forever change me and what I was to become. I’ve fought battles of depression by self medicating, and through a divorce came out to be victorious. It is with a sense of enlightenment I now possess that I was able to organize my journey in “The Science of Being.”
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Location (city/state/country): Richmond, Virginia
Author bio: Anthony Hayes is an author, podcaster, and blogger. Hayes is a member of the International Association for Internet Broadcasters and also the co-founder of the Podcast Discovery Center. His early life accolades include competing on a national level in martial arts, custom car building, and traveling the world as a professional DJ and break dancer. He currently resides in Virginia where he works in leadership.
Professional Speaker Topics: Podcasting, Mental Health, Online Community Building
Favorite Quote or Personal Motto:

Hold on to the light in your moments of darkness.